(Bold italics denote recorded historical figures)

Alonzo—a soldier from the shipwreck
Andres de Tapia—a lieutenant to Cortez
Davila—a lieutenant to Montejo
Diego—a ship’s officer
Dionisio—an old soldier
Esmeralda Felipa—a notary and business woman
Gonzalo Guerrero—a soldier from Palos, Spain
Hernan Cortez—conquistador of Mexico City
Jeronimo Aguilar—a Dominican priest from Ecija, Spain
Montejo—a conquistador with designs on Chetumal
Olmedo—a Mercedian friar who accompanied Cortez
Pablo—a seaman from the wrecked ship
Ramiro—a bosun, or non-commissioned crew leader from the wrecked ship
Rita Hernandez—wife of one of the ship’s officers who died in the wreck
Valdivia—captain of the wrecked ship, leader of the expedition

MAYA (at Xamancann)
Ah Balam—chieftain Ah May’s son
Ah Kun—a native of Xoctum, held as a slave in Xamancann
Ah May—the second chief of Xamancann, Akin Cutz’s son (aka Taxmar)
Ah Mo Kuk—nacom or warlord of Xamancann
Ah Mochan Mac—a youth hostile to Gonzalo
Ah Natzom—a youth who tests Aguilar
Ah Nican—a youth in the longhouse
Ah Peh—Gonzalo’s companion in the trek to Chetumal
Ah Ziyah—a youth who is friendly to Gonzalo
Akin Cutz—first chieftain of Xamancann
Ix Haleb—a young woman banned from Xamancann
Ix Kukil—a prostitute in Xamancann
Ix Zumin—wife of Ah May, chieftain of Xamancann

MAYA (at Chetumal et al.)
Ah Canul—a noble in Chetumal, Gonzalo’s friend
Ah Chac Han—al holpop of Chetumal
Ah Copo Ba—a leading councilor in Chetumal
Ah Napech Ba—first nacom in Chetumal
Ah Nauat—a later nacom in Chetumal
Ah Nizal—last nacom in Chetumal
Chinal Kabec—a chieftain from Honduras
Dona Marina—a Maya princess given to Cortez in Tabasco (aka Malinche)
Ix Chenad—servant to Gonzalo in Chetumal
Ix Zazil—Nachan Caan’s daughter, Gonzalo’s wife
Nabatum Ceel—ruler of Xoctum, the first village that held the Spanish captives
Nachan Caan—lord of Chetumal and Ziyancaan
Naum Pat—ruler of Cozumel

Guatemoc—the ruler who replaced Montezuma in Mexico City
Montezuma—the lord of Mexico City when Cortez arrived
Tendile—a regional lord in Mexico and an aide to Montezuma