John Coe Robbins
                 Author of Maya Lord and Dying to Live
                                           What other authors say about Maya Lord

"An exotic tale of survival and redemption. Robbins has carefully researched both the event and Mayan culture to produce a
compelling tale that is a must for all those who love history and historical fiction. A fascinating novel.”
-Ron Braithwaite, author of Hummingbird God

“What a wonderful idea for an historical novel! Most people don’t realize that it wasn’t Columbus or Cortés who had first contact with
the Maya and Aztec but shipwrecked Spanish sailors who found themselves in a world as fantastic as that experienced by Marco
Polo on his journey to the court of Kublai Khan.”
-Junius Podrug, co-author of Gary Jennings’ Aztec Fire

"Emotional heft....with an unexpected premise that's likely to
engage readers..."       - Kirkus Reviews
                            Maya Lord
GONZALO GUERRERO—shipwrecked in a violent storm in 1511, he
finds himself cast away on an unknown shore in the New World. A
fierce tribe enslaves him and the other Spaniards in his small party.
With little hope for escape, this brilliant adventurer searches for a way
to advance as part of a strange new culture.

—the spirited daughter of a powerful cheiftain, she finds
herself surprisingly drawn to the foreigner who has been thrust into
her life from another world

JERONIMO—lost in the shipwreck with Gonzalo, this uncompromising
priest rejects Maya ways, holds fast to his beliefs and remains a slave.
Like Gonzalo, he believes he is the better man for his choice.

Based on actual events, this exotic historical novel follows these
driven characters as they chart conflicting courses through a
tumultuous world unlike anything they could ever have imagined.
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Producer/director Roland Emmerich will begin filming a major movie based on Maya Lord in 2020.
Emmerich has previously directed
Independence Day I and II, The Patriot, 2012, and Stargate.

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"Will hold your interest to the end...A very
fascinating read!"  
     -Historical Novel Review
Dying To Live